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 The Shadows of Eve

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PostSubject: The Shadows of Eve   The Shadows of Eve EmptyWed Dec 17, 2008 9:34 am

i thought id create a fanfic, love to know what you think about it

Chapter 1

It was nearly 2:00 am and the biggest party of the year was happening. Eve was walking down the street, from a distance she could hear the loud music."Oh all places, an abandoned warehouse," she muttered stomping down the road in her high heels with her hands in her pockets. She finally made her way to the door,"ciao bello" she whispered, as the bouncer opened the door and let her in.

Eve looked around,"look eve's here" yelled Ivy as she ran over to her. Shocked by the sight of her sister, eve grabbed her arm, "what are you doing here"

"trying to have a good time" ivy replied

there were various smells coming from the place, but one smell was familar,"are you what dad usually drinks"

"like i said im here to have a good time!" ivy said screaming.

Eve pushed ivy on the ground and made her way around the warehouse, being greeted by hugs, kisses, and hand-shakes. Another smell started to trigger her,"Johnny...Johnny"she called the planner of the party.

"hey baby," he said kissing her on the cheek.

"yea, umm...what is that smell, and why of all places would you decide to throw a party here?" Eve asked.

"its the end of senior year, its free and nobody uses this..this dump" johnny said trying not to slur his own words.

"just tell me what that outrageous smell is?," she asked

"i dont know fumes probably, there is some liq..liquid stuff we used for the fires" he replied

"it really smells, and why you would use random chemicals to create a bonfire is beyone me...i only came for the disk" Eve said.

"Stay a while," he said lifting her hands up "were here to celebrate"

"You have 5 minutes..." she said walking off. The end of senior year meant the start of college and the future and something she didnt want to think about. The only thing she wanted was the disk. As she was walking some of enemies decided to approach her, "look what the cat threw up" said Melina, leader of the blue roses.

"ugh... lets not start this..." Eve started to say before interrupted.

"start what"giggled Avery, the loyal follower,"your just made because we kicked you out the group"

"yea your not one of us anymore...your nothing"smirked Monica pushing Eve.

"Dont touch me,I dont have for this petty drama, all of you are mad because i got all the attention and it was eating all of you up" smiled Eve.

"You got the attention, and so will everybody else when they see the tape"Melina said giggling, pulling the tape out of her purse

Eve's heart dropped,"how did you get that"

"A little birdie dropped it on my doorstep," Melina said continuing to giggle.

"Give me that--"Eve said grabbing the tape

"you better let go" Melina snarled pulling the tape. The girls tussled back and forth with the tape, together Avery and Monica pushed Eve off and knocking her into one of barrell-bonfires, which eventually made it spill.

The crowded noticed what was going on and slowly they went the scuffle. "Dont ever...and i mean that again" Melilna said as she walked over to Eve and smacked her. The spill ignited a fire and everybody ran to the door. The smack really hurt eve and she struggled to get up, the fumes started to get to her. On her hands and knees, she tried to crawl out. "where is my sister" she thought

Chapter 2

There was a big explosion in the warehouse, it left everything a big mess. The warehouse was no longer a warehouse, just clumps of wood and metal. As the kids continued to run to their homes the sound of firetrucks and police cars could be heard. After 10 minutes of straight running, Ivy finally made it home and went straight for the shower. Looking at herself in the mirror, she started to regret going to the party, she turned the shower on full blast hot, took her clothes off and entered,'Please hope i dont get in trouble, please hope i dont get in trouble' she kept saying to herself. Ivy exited the shower and grabbed a towel from the cabinet, she wrapped it around her and left the bathroom. She walked to her room quickly to find her mom sitting on her bed.

"It is 4 in the morning, where could you have possibly been" said her mom getting up

Ivy sighed,"i was--"

"It dont matter where you were because you are grounded...just to think you were talking about being responsible and then you pull this"

"But mom--"

"No buts, and speaking of buts where is your sister at? I have an earfull for her also."

"At the--"

"Where, tell me right now so i can go get"

Ivy started to get frustrated,"Oh my god, i have no clue where she is, she was at the party and then everybody left and i havent seen her since," she yelled."The party was at some abandoned warehouse, but she should be here any minute." The mom left Ivy's room and headed for Eve's room. Ivy got dressed and also waited for eve to come home. 10 minutes went by, then 20 minutes, then an hour,"it shouldnt have taken her that long to get back" she said as she started to get worried.,"Ivy put her shoes on and sneaked out the window and headed back to the warehouse.

On arrival, the firefighters and policemen were just leaving. Ivy watched from behind a tree, seeing the big debris everywhere, the cops and firefighters finally left she headed over. She couldnt believe what had happened, the warehouse was nothing. From afar she saw the tape, the one that everybody was fighting over. Ivy headed towards the tape and picked it up."ow,"said something from under the debris."What was that" ivy said looking around thinking that she heard something. Then she heard the"ow" noise again and looked beneath her and saw a hand, her eyes widened,"oh my god" ivy said as she started to move the wood and other objects away from until she discovered that the hand was from eve."Eve...eve what happened" Ivy said frantically she quickly removed more pieces and pulled eves body up.

"What happened to you" Ivy said as picked up eve seeing that her body was bruised and battered.

Eve was clueless,"honestly i dont know...well the building blew up"

"we need to get you home" ivy said looking at eve, Then eve's eyes started to turn purple and ivy dropped her,"what the..."

Eve hit her head on a board,"what was that for?"

"Nevermind" Ivy said picking her up and walking back towards the house.


"What happened to you" Ivy said as picked up eve seeing that her body was bruised and battered.

Eve was clueless,"honestly i dont know...well the building blew up"

"we need to get you home" ivy said looking at eve, Then eve's eyes started to turn purple and ivy dropped her,"what the..."

Eve hit her head on a board,"what was that for?"

"Nevermind" Ivy said picking her up and walking back towards the house.

The girls were walking to the house, a man was watching all the festivites from his window,"time to see if it really worked" he said walked outside and went up to the girls,"need any help?"

Ivy started to get creeped out,'why is this man awake at 5 in the morning' she thought and then kept walking" no were ok" he assured her

The man came up and grabbed hold of Eve,"let me help"

"Excuse you...please get off of her"

"Its ok im here to help" he said grinning

Ivy swing 180 and gave the man an elbow to the head, and kicked him on the ground. She grabbed better grip on eve and started to pace themselves faster.

"Come on Ivy we have to get home faster" Eve said trying to push herself. The man got back up and went to Eve, Ivy let go of her and jumped on the man back and started to bite him."get--off---me" The man said trying to swing Ivy off her back. Eve watched trying not to laugh. The man grabbed Ivy by the head and swung her over him landing her to the ground. Eve started to get mad, seeing her sister on the ground hurt. The man slowly made his way back to eve, as Ivy slowly got back up and charged toward the man knocking him into the wall. He pulled something from out of his pocket, which appeared to be a gun and shot at the girls. They both screamed in terror
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PostSubject: Re: The Shadows of Eve   The Shadows of Eve EmptySat Feb 21, 2009 2:10 pm

Good story. I'm contemplating the next chapter.

Remember to capitalize.
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The Shadows of Eve
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