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 DBZ AF: It Begins Again

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PostSubject: DBZ AF: It Begins Again   DBZ AF: It Begins Again EmptyMon Dec 22, 2008 10:23 pm

The Legendary Z-Fighters have set the earth to peace. Years have past with the world at peace. Until Dr.Gero's Android machine rebuilds itself and recreates the androids. That's not all Cell,Freiza,Cooler,Dabura,Janemba,and Shenron master of the shadow dragonballs have all made plans to escape from hell. No one in the universe is prepared for the havoc Earth's most notorious villans are ploting to bring.

Meanwhile the 29th Tenkaichi Budoukai is being held to yet again decide who is worlds strongest person. Prize besides the worlds strongest person belt is $500,000 zenie (dollars)You'll be where ever you choose to start.And you'll have to go to the tournament arena and enter on time. You will be right directly outside of the tournament entrance. You will be hitting a punch mechanism to decide a spot in the tournament.Since their only 15 positions in the tournament the top fifteen scorers on the punch mechanism will earn a spot in the tournament.
================================================== ===================
1.No Godmodding
2.No starting out with all mighty techniques super-saiyan, instant transmission, etc.
3.Your not allowed to be related to any real Z-Fighters, if u choose to your not allowed to know.
4.You may start with one SPECIAL technique others you must train for.
================================================== ===================
Character Sheet:
Name: (doesnt really matter)
Gender: (male-female)
Age: (10-24)
Race: (Human,Namekian,Android,Saiyans,Animal,Foreign_Ali ens)
Apperance: (height,hair,body build,facial features,etc)
Clothes: (from real life to show doesnt matter)
History: (childhhood,deaths,etc)
Fighting Style: (not mandatory)
Training: (Sparring,Weight Training,Repitive Exercises,Energy Blast Training,etc)
Other Items: (Weapons,Senzu Beans,etc)
================================================== ===================
My Character Sheet:





Apperance:Medium Build,medium toned,Blue eyes,one tiny chin hair,standing 5 ft exact,long black hair(like android 17 without the bangs)

Clothes:Black Gi sometimes-(hood on Gi),Blue Undershirt,Black Baggy Pants,Blue Cloth Belt,Blue Regular Capsule Corp Boots (like future trunks),Sometimes When Fighting Black Taped Hands

History:Ryu has no clue of being a sayain. He was sent to earth in a sayain pod. He was supposed to have taken over earth at the age of 10. But his earth parents taught him different. Ryu grew up being taught kickboxing by his earth father. Ryu grew up a fighter and a challenger. His parents taught him well. Ryu somehow have traveled to capsule corp and read books and books and books on the z-fighters and sayain. Ryu still hasen't notice who the beings at capsule corp are.But he has developed a relationship for the, and are good friends with Mrs.Bulma and Mr.Trunks.

Fighting Style: Kickboxing

Training:Weight Training,Sparring,Speed Racing

Other Items:Bag of healing beans (senzu beans) found outside of the tournament entrance.
My energy moves are hidden, because he doesnt know he's a sayain
Now all i can say is have fun!!! DBZ AF: It Begins Again Normal_DBZ1
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learning the ropes
learning the ropes

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DBZ AF: It Begins Again Empty
PostSubject: Re: DBZ AF: It Begins Again   DBZ AF: It Begins Again EmptyTue Dec 23, 2008 12:16 am

Name: Jezzebelle
Gender: female
Age: 17
Race: Saiyans
Apperance and Clothes: DBZ AF: It Begins Again PB210013
History: Jezzebelle's mother died when she was born. When she learn this she became very depressed and determined to make the people around her feel the same way. She feels guiltly that her mother is gone and she never met her. Currently she lives with her dad, step mom, and their daughter,Sonya. Secretly, Jezzebelle envied the relationship that sonya had with her mother, and often lashes out on sonya and her stepmother. Jezzebelle is a saiyan, although she isnt aware yet.
Fighting Style: none
Training:Repitive Exercises,
Other Items: daggers

DBZ AF: It Begins Again Stea
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learning the ropes
learning the ropes

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DBZ AF: It Begins Again Empty
PostSubject: Re: DBZ AF: It Begins Again   DBZ AF: It Begins Again EmptyTue Dec 23, 2008 8:33 pm

Name: Nathan
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Race: Mostly human.... he doesn't want to deliberate.
Apperance: A fairly tall, lanky young man with unusual long arms. Most of his body is hidden by his clothes, only his eyes (One blue, one glowing red) are visible.
Clothes: Nathan dresses kind of like a real-life Kenny, with a blue Parka covering most of his upper body, only showing his eyes, blue pants and some sneakers.
History: Nathan comes from a quiet American town somewhere, and when reaching age 20, went traveling before he wanted to start college. During this time.... something happened, and when he showed up again, he hides his body underneath tons of clothes, and gained an aggressive, axe-crazy streak.
Training: (Sparring,Weight Training,Repitive Exercises,Energy Blast Training,etc) Mostly 'sparring' (Randomly attacking people) and exercise.

((It's been a while since I saw DBZ.... and I'm not quite sure if Nathan fits into the universe....)
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DBZ AF: It Begins Again Empty
PostSubject: Re: DBZ AF: It Begins Again   DBZ AF: It Begins Again Empty

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DBZ AF: It Begins Again
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