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 Forum Rules! (You Are Advised to read this before posting)

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Forum Rules! (You Are Advised to read this before posting) Empty
PostSubject: Forum Rules! (You Are Advised to read this before posting)   Forum Rules! (You Are Advised to read this before posting) EmptyWed Dec 17, 2008 4:24 am

1. Proper grammar and spelling is prefered.

2. Spacificaly state the settings of the RP in the first post. Which means Hosts SHOULD give a definitive description of the starting area of the RP.

3. Posts should be at least 20 words long.

4. No more than three characters are to be controlled within any given post.

5. You may not control another character without their express permission for ANY reason.

6. A main character cannot be killed unless they allow it.

7. No godding. You are NOT all powerful.

8. While flaming in character is allowed, there are certain restrictions. Flaming cannot be discriminatory towards any real-world race, religion, philosophy, gender, or sexual preference.

9. Profanity is allowed, but there are restrictions to keep it artful. Any restrictions that the owner of the RP wishes to impose must be followed. Second, the F-word is not to be used under any circumstances. Finally, any profanity with a sexual meaning must be used in a general context, never in a sexual one (e.g., a character can call another character a dickhead, but cannot use the profanity to tauntingly tell an opponent to "suck dick").

10. Read all announcements before posting and check often for updates.

11. All roleplays will be closed after 3 1/2 weeks of inactivity. This helps keep the forums more organized.

12. If the said roleplay does not reach the general standard of the Roleplaying section, it will either be closed or the topic starter will be given things to fix about the roleplay to fix, if s/he doesn't comply within' a certain amount of time, the topic will be closed

13. All roleplays which have been locked because of failing to meet standards will be deleted within' 7 days of locking, this is to keep all the spam off this forum.

14. All roleplaying, and discussion about the roleplay must commence within a SINGLE thread. (poles dont count) This means that separate threads for "playing" and "planning" are not allowed. It is not necessary for these two parts of the RP be seprate, and it only serves to clutter up the forum.

15. You are limited to starting (hosting) one RP per 2 weeks. Going over this limit will result in a warning, and/or a deletion of the topic. Exceptions will be granted if you PM a moderator (Either Terriordx32, or Angel123 and they will tell you if you can) with your RP's opening post. If the moderator deems it of high enough quality, you may be allowed to host another RP.

Dueling Rules
Note: Duels are not suggested for beginning forum Roleplayers.

These are the basic guidlines that should be followed for any duel. Not set in stone, but a decent guide to make for a better duel:

1- In you first post state:
->Where duel takes place
->When the duel takes place
->Whether Magic is permitted
->Whether NPC's are permitter
->Who you are challenging
->Your character and possibly a brief bio

2- Always remember that you cannot directly influence another character, therefor you cannot kill a character unless you put them into a situation they cannot avoid.

3- You are not all powerful!

4- Other members should not post in Duel untill it is over, because they are private and do not need spectators. Watching them progress can be interesting, but please do not comment untill it is over or if you have good readon.


1. The most common punishment will be a verbal warning. If you do Change your ways after receiving this warning you will receive either a permanent or temporary ban from the RP forum.
2. Your posts may occasionally be deleted. You will be PMed asking you to rewrite it.
3. If after receiving a ban from the roleplay forum you continue posting you will receive an official warning. Check the official rules for more information about warnings.

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Forum Rules! (You Are Advised to read this before posting)
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